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How Zilch Works

Step 1 - Make a List

How Zilch Works Steps 1 through 6
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The secret to getting out of debt fast is using a payment strategy. The strategy you choose is based on what makes you feel good. This gives you immediate relief because you will stay in your comfort zone from day one.

The two most common payment strategies for getting out of debt are Avalanche and Snowball. Avalanche prioritizes paying off debts from the highest interest rate down to the lowest interest rate. Snowball prioritizes paying off debts by those which can go away the quickest. Choose the payoff strategy that makes you feel good.

Avalanche vs Snoball payoff method
How I Feel Strategy
I'm a numbers person. Numbers make sense to me. Avalanche
I am not a numbers person. Numbers scare me. Snowball
I want to save the most money no matter what. Avalanche
I want to get out of debt as fast as possible. Avalanche
I'm looking for fast results. I like to see progress. Snowball
I need lots of encouragement along the way. Snowball

ZilchWorks takes all the information about your debts (balances, interest rates, monthly payments) and instantly turns it into a realistic payoff plan using the payoff strategy that you feel good about. You'll see exactly how much to pay each credit each month. This short video explains how the payment strategy works.

( The secret to getting out of debt )

Step 1 - Make a List

Believe it or not, this is the hardest step. Why? Because it forces you to act. It makes you look at your debts. It requires you to acknowledge how much money you owe. This may be something you have wanted to do for a long time but kept putting off. We can only help you if you are willing to help yourself. There has never been a map produced that just takes you where you want to go. You must act. Until you make a decision to act, and follow the map, it's nothing more than lines on paper. Take that first step... print the worksheet and fill it out.

Click File > Print WorkSheet... to use the built-in data entry worksheet.

Print Worksheet option from the Zilch Standard main menu

Important: When you write down your debts don't try and prioritize the pay off order. Our software will do this for you. Just concentrate on finding your debts and getting them listed on the worksheet.

Example of a completed worksheet:
Here is an example of a completed data entry worksheet. These are the actual debts from the Sample2 file included in the software download.

Example of a completed Zilch Standard worksheet
( ZilchWorks Data Entry Worksheet )
How Zilch Works Steps 1 through 6
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❝Shortly after I started using Zilch I was eligible to buy a house❞

I was looking through my cancelled checks to shred old records and found a check to you for Zilch written on 10/3/1999 for $34.00. Money well spent.

Thank you. Your program accelerated my debt reduction. Shortly after I started using Zilch I was eligible to buy a house and have almost never carried a balance into the next month.

Thanks again.

Rodney Nibbe - Minnesota
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